Welcome to my blog, From Under A Broken Wing. My name is Elena and I am a maternal abuse survivor with a story to tell.

It is important to understand that this is not the story of a cold-hearted, abusive mother and her victim. This is the story of a fearful, anxious mother who loved and cared for her children, even if what she thought was right wasn’t what was best for them. This is not a story of tragedy, despair and hatred, but one of acceptance, forgiveness and personal growth. It is absolutely possible for the abused to forgive, love and accept the abuser, even without accepting the abuse.

I don’t ask for your sympathy, because sympathy won’t change the world. I ask for your awareness or this more subtle form of abuse, because awareness can change the world, and awareness will.

  • Coping With The Fear & Guilt Of Writing

    September 2, 2019 by

    Today is Monday 2nd September, I’ve just spent and hour with my mother and it was like nothing had ever happened between us. We talked briefly about our emotions around loss and the challenges that we will face with scattering my late father’s ashes. Several times she stopped and supported me as I was in… Read more

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